***Precision Rifle Challenge Update***

Division Equipment-

As always you can use as much gear as you want. Whatever gear you start with you must have with you on every stage, you don’t have to use everything but it must be with you. This includes, bags, stabilization devices, magazines, you get the picture.

Division Rifle Requirements-

• Precision Bolt - a customized stock with detachable magazines. At this time we cannot allow any cartridge
   larger than 300 Win Mag.

• Precision Gas - .24 caliber or larger

• Hunter - Stock Rifle with blind mag or hinged floor plates. No detachable mags allowed.

• Quigley - Any single shot Rifle.

• Infantry - Any semiautomatic Rifle in .223 or 5.56. Your rifle may be customized as you see fit.

• Super Sniper - this is a tri-entry Division. You must compete with an Infantry style rifle or Precision Bolt,
   Precision Gas or Hunter. This division requires 2 entries and you will be scored in 3 Divisions.