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Due to the hard work of John Major negotiating with the WMSA board we have come to agreement to continue shooting at the Second Knoll Range.

Come one come all and join us at our Spooktacular Halloween themed WMPS Pistol Shoot on Saturday, the 28th of October at the 2nd Knoll Range. 

Dress up in your scariest costume (as long as it is safe for shooting in). 

Tons of fun for everyone! (sorry, that was a bad rhyme)

Phew! PRS/Carbine Match completed!!!

Please take a moment to thank the Hub for its support of this club and the shooting sports! If you’re close by stop in and say thanks and check out everything they have to offer the shooting community in the White Mountains!

A huge thank you to all who showed up and an even bigger thank you to everyone who helped tear down. This was not a short match and some lessons were learned by shooters and director. The next match is sure to be even more awesome!!

Thank you to all the new shooters who showed up and shot this beast!

Here are the final scores:

  • 1st – Kreiger (PB) 740
  • 2nd – 2 Old Guys (PB) 780
  • 3rd – Lefties (PB) 800
  • 4th – Trin-A-Saurus (2) (PB) 859
  • 5th – Don’t Care (2) (PB) 910
  • 6th – Cougars (PB) 910
  • 7th – Trin-A-Saurus (PB) 925
  • 8th – Cougars (2) (PB) 955
  • 9th – Don’t Care (H) 965
  • 10th – Lost in the Sauce (PB) 975
  • 11th – Hancocks (PB) 1000

We are starting another new match. This match will be an all Classifier match with 4 Classifier stages being run. These matches will start on the June 3 and run every other month opposite our 3 gun match. As these are an all Classifier match the match fees will be as follows: for a club member the fee is $10.00, for a non-club member the fee is $12.00. Steve Horseman has volunteered to be our Match Director.

The range is located 4.5 miles east of the intersection of 77 and 60, on 60. When you see the 'Truck Crossing' sign, slow down, the range is on the next road to the right (South). It is Forest Service road 206. If you reach Bourdon Ranch Road, you have gone about 1/2 mile too far.


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